Gliding as a Hobby

Many people enjoy the thrill of gliding. In recent times, this hobby has become more accessible to the general public. It is also an eco-friendly mode of transport since there is no use of fuel or costly electronic equipment. Undoubtedly, whether you are a pilot or a passenger, you can view amazing landscapes on your journeys. If you enjoy plants, you will be able to get a birds-eye view of many exotic and sometimes inaccessible species. This could awaken a spark within you and cause you to develop an interest in growing your own plants and unusual cultivars. By downloading the Getplanta app on your mobile or tablet, you can have a wealth of plant information at your fingertips.

Why Consider Planta?

This handy app is available for Android and iOS, so it will be perfect for your smartphone. If you have noticed any exotic plants while gliding or visiting local parks and garden centers, then this app is the right choice for you. Just download it and take a photo of the species, and it will identify exactly what it is. Not only can it determine the particular cultivar, but it offers growing tips to ensure your plants are kept in the best possible condition. A perfect way to relax or wind down after a hard day gliding. What’s more, it can offer helpful tips on identifying any pests and diseases should your plant or shrub become affected.

Growing your own fruit, salads, vegetables, and herbs is made easy by this handy app. It will even send you reminders about when to water, feed and mist the plant. By containing a useful light meter, you can ensure the perfect location for your species. Next time you go gliding, take some photographs of the terrain, and if you spot some plants you enjoy, why not cultivate them in your own home or apartment? There is no doubt that gliding is a thrilling pastime, but growing plants can be equally exciting. What’s more, you can provide an endless source of fresh herbs, fruit, and salads to ensure your diet stays healthy.


If you want to try gliding, then there are many flight schools around the country where you can hone your skills to perfection. You may even want to own your own glider so you can enjoy the thrill of the open skies. By growing plants with the Planta app, you can also relax and wind down after your gliding exertions.