Choosing the Perfect Clothing for Gliding

When it comes to gliding, there are no hard or fast rules on what to wear. Some beginners, out of fear of falling from the sky, put on excess layers of ordinary garments to keep themselves safe. As in most extreme sports, the type of gear you wear when gliding reflects your attitude towards the activity. It shows how much you are committed to gliding. Let’s see the type of clothing you can choose to wear on a glider.

Paragliding Tights

Leggings are comfy to wear. And yes, there are specific tights for gliding. You can find these tights at featuring breathable materials usually made of polyester and spandex fabrics. When you are on a glider, they ensure your body stays cool and dry thanks to their moisture-wicking capabilities. The materials are also antimicrobial in nature. With an adjustable waistline, paragliding tights allow for a wide range of movement, which is necessary when taking a flight.

One-Piece Suit

Whether or not to wear flight suits is a debatable subject. A flight suit gives an appealing look like that of a fighter pilot. A one-piece suit has zipped legs, so dressing and undressing is a breeze. The most significant benefit of a one-piece suit is that it covers the entire body while in the air ensuring that no flesh is exposed at the midriff or elsewhere. So, it keeps you warm during the flight. Because it is a single piece, you can pack it with ease, and you don’t have to wash it after every trip. It has an added advantage in winter because you don’t need to wear multiple layers.

Two-Piece Suit

A two-piece flight suit comes with greater versatility since you wear the two parts separately. Sometimes, a zipper is used to join the top and the bottom to add warmth and eliminate gaps at the midsection.