Where To Fly Gliders

Amazing view from a Gliders cockpit

A glider is basically an aircraft that does not require an engine, and there are several different types. From the simplest paper aeroplane to the latest glider, the principle of designing and flying them is the same. Gliders can be simple planes or hang gliders, and sailplanes are gliders built with long wings to enable them to lose height slowly. Even The Space Shuttle itself uses these principles to return to earth as a glider, with rocket engines used only for the liftoff. Gliders are always controlled by pilots using control-sticks, and some can carry two people with dual controls. When flying, a vertical draft can make air go up faster, and an experienced pilot can use this to climb to some amazing heights. Good pilots can travel extensive distances by continually finding rising air, and they can travel for hundreds of kilometres. It is a fantastic experience, even if you are just gliding for fun.

How Gliders Fly

Learning to fly a glider requires an understanding of how they can fly. A normal aircraft has four forces acting on it, while a glider has only three. Both types are subjected to drag, lift and weight, with a normal aircraft also having an engine to generate the thrust. As the glider does not have this, it must generate lift to act against its weight. The motion of a glider flying creates this lift, but it also generates drag and has no engine to oppose it. It can therefore slow down quickly, and if it cannot create more lift, it will start to descend. Some hang-gliders and most sailplanes are towed aloft by a powered aircraft and then cut loose to begin the glide. Once in the air, it is all about the skill of the pilot and catching the drafts of air to keep flying. They can make it look extremely easy and can even capture amazing photography of the experience. The recent headline “Spanish glider pilot captures stunning footage ” saw him steer the glider with one hand, and produce some fantastic images and a 180-degree pan of the view.

Top Places For Gliding

Learning to glide can be a life-changing experience and even trying it for fun is becoming a holiday pastime. Hang gliding is probably the most popular form of gliding, but for the plane enthusiasts, there is a whole range of interesting places to visit. Where better place to start than Kitty Hawk in the USA, known as the place where the famous Wright brothers conducted their experiments and took their first flight? Soar over Rio de Janeiro, with some of the most amazing views in the world, and see beaches, colourful life and iconic landmarks. Alternatively explore the Alps in Interlaken, Switzerland, or try something different at hotel engelberg and glide over the snow-covered peaks for a whole new view of the world. The Hawaiian Islands also offer an unbelievable place for gliding across the numerous islands and the ocean or visit the tropical forests of Kahului. Of course, there will also be a flying school right near you where you can start your adventure and fly like a bird!